Overdentures (Implant supported)

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What is an implant supported overdenture?

Just as the name implies, an implant-supported overdenture is one that is attached to implants. A regular denture is attached to the gums, while an overdenture rests on the implants.

At Advanced Family Dental, we recommend implant-supported overdentures for patients who do not have any teeth in their jaw, but have enough jaw-bone to support the implants. An implant-supported overdenture has unique attachments that latch onto attachments on the implants.

Most implant-supported dentures are made for the lower jaw due to the poor stability of regular dentures on these parts. A regular denture in most cases fits quite well on the upper jaw and doesn’t require any implant-support. However, based on your preference, we can give you an implant supported overdenture on either jaw (upper or lower).

An implant supported overdenture should be cleaned regularly. Also, you should not sleep with it at night, just as you wouldn’t with the regular dentures. Some patients like fixed bridgework and crown in their mouths. Your Miami dentist at Advanced Family Dental will take your preferences into consideration when suggesting removable or fixed options.

The implant process

Overdentures are fixed in your jawbone at the front of your mouth because this part has more bone compared to the back. Another point to note is that there are fewer nerves in the front jaw. There are also fewer structures that could obstruct the placement of the implants.

Several factors determine the timeframe required to complete the implant. At Advanced Family Dental, an implant in the lower jaw could be completed in about 5 months while the upper jaw may require up to 7 months, including surgical operations and placement of the implant. For patients who need preliminary procedures like bone grafting, they may require up to a year.

Two surgeries are required. The first surgery involves placing the implant in the jawbones under the gums while the second surgery involves exposing the top part of the implants.

How do overdentures work?

Implant-supported overdentures are of two types – the ball-retained and the bar-retained varieties. In either case, the overdenture will be made with a base (acrylic) that looks like your gum. Acrylic or porcelain teeth are attached to the base of the overdenture.

During consultation

When you visit Advanced Family Dental, we will assign to you a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a special dentist who has received special training in the implant placement and restoration.

The dentist assigned will conduct a dental exam. This involves taking a review of your dental and medical histories, X-rays of your teeth, and finally creating an impression of your gums and teeth. Sometimes, the dentist at Advanced Family Dental may order an oral CT scan. The oral scan will show the sinuses and the nerves, allowing the dentist to be sure that they will not be affected by the overdenture.

You’ll be given a temporary denture pending when the permanent denture will be completed. The temporary denture will also allow our dentist to know the best position for the teeth in the permanent denture.

After the temporary denture is finished, the prosthodontist at Advanced Family Dental will use a copy of the denture as a guide to assist in placing in the implants in the right positions. The surgeon will drill holes in the copy of the denture so that the surgeon can see the parts where the implants should be placed.


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