Periodic Exams

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Periodic Exams

It is evident that routine oral examinations helps us to know to a large extent, the state of health of our body. In fact, scientific research has established a relationship between the various aspects of dental health, such as gum disease and bone density, and several conditions which affects different parts of the body. These include:

In the real sense of the word, a periodic exam is a regular dental checkup. At Advanced Family Dental, we recommend a periodic oral exam as an important part of dental care. A standard periodic oral exam is scheduled once in six months.

Understand that while a dental examination is important for the general maintenance of your health, its main function is that of dental care and maintenance. So, what should be your expectations from a periodic oral examination?

What will I gain from a periodic oral examination?

A periodic oral examination at Miami is valuable. It is a very vital component of your dental health. At Advanced family Dental, we recommend a bi-annual schedule for periodic oral exam appointments. This arrangement also applies to patients who do not have any urgent need for treatment. Regular appointments with dentists at Miami are important for good dental health and wellbeing.

What happens during a periodic oral examination?

At Advanced Family Dental, the goal of a periodic oral exam is to provide more value than just a dental cleanup. Advanced Family Dental conducts dental examination as part of a routine maintenance plans for its patients. Our dentists are well-trained. They will get your dental history. This implies that your dental health will be monitored and maintained through a number of dental techniques. These include:

  • X-rays. This is done if required. An X-ray of the oral cavity (the mouth) will reveal problems in your teeth’s supporting structures, and also in the teeth themselves.
  • Dentists at Miami will examine your tongue, gums, throat, teeth, lips, and cheeks. This is called intra-oral examination.
  • You’ll also undergo a scale & polish procedure. The goal of a scale & polish treatment is to remove plaques that have accumulated on your teeth. These plaque deposits have the potential to infect your gums and cause a gingival disease.
  • A periodic oral examination at Advanced Family Dental, Miami, also involves advice and consultation on your dental needs, and health habits.


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