Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral Cancer Screening

Do you know that regular dental checkups are important for everyone? Yes! Dental checkups are important for a healthy dentition. When you go for a dental checkup with a dentist at Miami, you give him or her a chance to check for symptoms and signs of oral cancer.

There’s need to visit a dentist at Miami at least once a year to keep your dentition in health. Many experts disagree on how often a person should undergo an oral cancer screening. But you need to go for an oral cancer screening in Miami if you’ve been exposed to factors that puts you at risk. These include:

What happens if there are signs of oral cancer?

If there is something unusual in your mouth, the dentist at Miami will schedule another appointment with you in a space of a few weeks just to see if there’s any change. You may be asked to do a biopsy which involves examination of a tissue taken from the seemingly affected site. The tissue is then tested for cancer cells.

Please note that not every lump or spot in your mouth indicates a cancer. But in the event that they do, then a plan of treatment will be created. Early treatment is important.

Please make regular appointments with your Miami dentist at Advanced Family Dental so he or she can watch out for signs that might indicate a problem

What happens during an oral cancer screening at Miami?

There are different phases of an oral cancer screening. Your dentist at Advanced Family Dental will subject you to a simple exam that will involve a thorough examination of every part of your mouth. This includes:

  • Your gums
  • The interior and exterior of your lips
  • The back of your throat
  • Mouth roof
  • The inside of the cheeks
  • All sides of the tongue and underneath it

If you put on dentures, you’ll have it removed during an oral cancer screening. This will allow the dentist at Miami to check the tissue beneath the dentures.

The dentist will put a finger in your mouth under the tongue. He or she will also put a couple of fingers beneath your chin so that they can have a feel of the tissue between them. The dentist at Miami will also examine underneath your jaw. This examination takes no more than five minutes.

The aim of this this examination is to detect any spots or lumps, or to test for anything unusual in your spit that coats the pink parts of your mouth. If you observe anything unusual yourself, please give us a call at Advanced Family Dental, Miami.

In some cases, the dentist at Miami may ask you to rinse your mouth with a blue dye prior to the oral cancer screening. The dye is absorbed by any unusual cell that may be present in your mouth, so they’re easily seen.


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