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Introducing perio-maintenance

There is an increase in the number of persons experiencing gum disease. Your gum gets affected by a disease when bacterial plaque accumulates on it and is not removed. Plaques are formed when food particles, bacteria, and saliva accumulate, forming a sticky film over the teeth. If this sticky film is not removed, the plaque grows and gets hard, giving rise to tartar. Tartar, when neglected, infects your gums and causes gum disease.

The symptoms

The early stage of gum disease, which in most cases is gingivitis, is characterized by symptoms such as swollen gums, bad breath, abscess (pus) between the gums, or gums that appear like they’re detaching from the teeth. If these symptoms are left untreated, they will worsen, resulting in chronic gingivitis. In chronic gingivitis, the root of your tooth (or teeth as the case may be) are exposed leading to the formation of deep pockets and of course, chronic gingivitis. Advancement of gingivitis results in periodontal disease, which in the long run causes loss of bone, teeth, and gum tissue.

What happens in dental perio-maintenance?

Dentists at Advanced Family Dental work diligently to reverse, offset, or prevent periodontitis and its damaging effects. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, Miami dentists at Advanced Family Dental will be able to diagnose your condition using dental x-rays. They’ll also examine your teeth, and measure and check your gums.

Perio-maintenance involves professional dental cleaning and a well-designed oral hygiene regime. If you have an advanced case, you may need bone grafts, tissue grafts, or other surgical procedures.


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