Sealants children and adults

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Sealants children and adults

Dental sealants are a very important tool that helps you to fight against tooth decay. Sealants are helpful for both adults and children. At Advanced Family Dental, we can help you use your sealants in such a way that it does not cause any issues (as is commonly reported). Let’s show you how.

First, let’s look at what a dental sealant is

The American Dental Association states that a dental sealant is a tool that helps to prevent the formation of dental cavities. It does this by acting as a barrier of some sort. Dental sealant has a plastic nature. It covers the chewing surface of your tooth. Dentists at Miami apply the dental sealant for adults and children to the molars and premolars. Both surfaces are most prone to decay.

No matter your brushing skills or the number of times that you brush, the bristles of your toothbrush cannot reach all the depressions and grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Most of these hidden spots are primed for food particles and plaques. Dental sealants prevents decay in these vulnerable parts of your teeth.

Why are dental sealants helpful?

Generally, dental sealants are recognized as a pediatric procedure, but there are some unique benefits to it. Anybody may have tooth decay. It is no respecter of age. Sealants can decrease the risk of tooth decay in anyone who uses them. Dental sealants also prevents the collection of food particles, and development of plaques in depressions and grooves on the surfaces of your tooth. Of course this reduces the risk of tooth decay as the sealants will seal all possible breeding places for bacteria. The summary of it is that dental sealants are very effective.

At Advanced Family Dental, Miami, we ensure that dental sealants for adults and children are well-fitted. Our dentists will educate you more on this device when you pay us a visit.

How are dental sealants applied?

At Advanced Family Dental, Miami, we use a very simple and painless method to apply the sealant to your teeth or to that of your child’s.

  • Dentists at Miami will begin by cleaning and drying the surface of your tooth.
  • A gel with an acidic nature will be applied to the surface of your tooth. It helps to roughen your tooth surface so that the sealant can stick to your tooth.
  • Thereafter, the dental hygienist at Miami will rinse off the gel, have your tooth dried, and then proceed to apply the dental sealant.
  • After rinsing with water, the surface of your tooth or that of your child’s is dried, and then the dentist at Miami applies the sealant. The sealant is solidified with a blue light.


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