Cosmetic Bonding

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What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a technique employed for the repair of a chipped, decayed, discolored, or fractured tooth. The repair involves applying a composite resin (usually with a plastic nature). The resin has a color that blends with the color of your teeth. A composite bonding at Miami doesn’t require multiple visits. At Advanced Family Dental, a cosmetic bonding can be done in one visit. The term “bonding” is used because the materials used bonds to your tooth.

What purpose does this procedure serve?

Cosmetic bonding is the cheapest and of course the easiest of all cosmetic dental techniques. The resin that used in a cosmetic bonding procedure can be polished and shaped such that it blends with the surrounding teeth. In most cases, cosmetic bonding helps to enhance the appearance of a tooth that’s been chipped or discolored. Cosmetic bonding at Miami also helps to seal all spaces between your teeth, to change the color or shape of your teeth, and to make your teeth look longer.

In some cases, a cosmetic bonding procedure may be used as a substitute for amalgam fillings.

What special preparations do I need?

At Advanced Family Dental, we do not require that you make any special preparations prior to this procedure. Anesthesia is unnecessary for a cosmetic bonding procedure, it may only be used if the purpose of the procedure is to fill a decayed tooth.

How is cosmetic bonding done at Miami?

Your dentist at Advanced Family Dental will select the most suitable composite resin (with matching color). He or she will use a shade guide for this. Our dentist will ensure that the color chosen matches that of your other teeth perfectly.

After selecting the color, the dentist at Miami will roughen the surface of the affected tooth by etching or slightly abrading it. A conditioning liquid will be used to coat the tooth surface. This will enhance adherence of the bonding material.

When preparing the tooth, the dentist at Advanced Family Dental will apply the resin (usually putty-like). The resin will be molded while being smoothened until the desired shape is achieved. A laser or an ultraviolet light is used to harden the material.

After hardening the bonding material, the dentist at Miami will shape and trim it further. Thereafter, he or she will have the material polished until its sheen matches the rest of the tooth.

A cosmetic bonding procedure at Advanced Family Dental takes no more than an hour. However, if you need to work on more than one tooth, then that will require multiple visits, but not to worry, we are up to the task.

Please note that the resin may be stained with coffee, tea, cigarette smoke or other stainable substances. To minimize or prevent stains, you should not drink or eat foods that have the potential to stain, for the first 48 days post cosmetic procedure. Also, ensure that your teeth is brushed regularly and professionally cleaned by a dentist at Miami.


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