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The teeth is prone to staining. Yes! Sometimes these stains comes from the food we eat. Teeth whitening therefore helps to remove these stains and whiten your teeth. Whitening is a well-known dental cosmetic procedure. Miami dentists at Advanced Family Dental can help you to whiten your teeth and thus improve the overall appearance of your dentition.

Teeth whitening at Miami is not a one-time procedure. You’ll have to repeat the procedure to maintain the whiteness.

What is teeth whitening used for?

Your teeth has an outer layer known as the enamel. The color of your teeth comes from the scattering and reflection of light off the enamel, and the color of your dentin. The smoothness and thickness of your enamel is determined by your genes. If you have a thin enamel, the color of the dentin will show more through it. A rough or smooth enamel affects light reflection and by extension the color of the enamel.

A pellicle forms on your enamel on a daily basis. This pellicle collects stains. Your enamel contains pores that can trap stains.

The major reasons why the teeth gets stained include:

  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Taking liquids with dark color such as cola, coffee, red wine, and tea.

Aging also affects the color of the teeth as the enamel thins and the dentin darkens.

A person may also have stains within the tooth. Stains that occur inside a person’s tooth are known as intrinsic stains. In children, they may be caused by over-exposure to fluoride. Tetracycline antibiotics are also a common cause of intrinsic stains.

Tooth whitening in Miami is done effectively on the external surface of the tooth. At Advanced Family Dental, Miami dentists can take care of the extrinsic stains on your teeth.

Preparing for teeth whitening at Advanced Family Dental

You need to make some preparation so that the teeth whitening procedure can be a success. If you have cavities, they must be treated prior to the whitening process. Whitening doesn’t work on veneers or porcelain crowns or ceramic crowns.

Teeth whitening in Miami can be done at Advanced Family Dental. The dentist in Miami will begin by taking a photograph of your teeth. The photograph will allow him or her to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. He or she will examine your teeth closely and ask questions about the staining and your dental health in general.

Thereafter, he or she will proceed to clean your teeth. The cleaning involves removal of bacterial films, particles of food and substances that accumulate on your teeth and contribute to the staining. After this is done, teeth whitening will begin.

The whitening process

There are two types of teeth whitening procedures:

  • Vital whitening
  • Non-vital whitening
  • Vital whitening: Vital whitening is a very common procedure. At Advanced Family Dental, Miami dentists will apply a gel directly to the surface of your tooth. This gel contains hydrogen peroxide. The Miami dentist activates the gel using a specialized laser or light, thus speeding up the bleaching process.

    Miami dentists at Advanced Family Dental can do an in-office whitening in 30-90 minutes. The time taken to do the whitening depends on the severity of your stains. Different types of stains respond to treatment differently.

    The Miami dentist at Advanced Family Dental can also help you to do an in-home whitening. This involves taking impressions of your lower and upper teeth. Thee impressions are then used to make custom mouthpieces for you. Taking these mouthpieces home, you will fill them with a whitening gel given to you by your dentist. The mouthpiece is worn for several hours daily. Many people usually achieve their whitening goals in a week or two.

  • Non-vital whitening: Non-vital whitening whitens your tooth from the inside. The dentist at Advanced Family Dental will put a whitening agent inside the discolored tooth, then he or she will put a temporary filling over it. He or she will allow it to remain this way for some days. This procedure may be done once or repeated until the desired shade is achieved.

    Always follow-up with your dentist after a whitening process so that he or she can check your oral health.


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