Periodontal surgery

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Periodontal surgery

If your gum is infected, a condition known as periodontal disease, your Miami dentist might recommend a surgery. A periodontal surgery:

Who is eligible for a periodontal surgery?

Patients who are eligible for a periodontal surgery at Advanced Family Dental are those with severe gum disease. You are also eligible if you teeth’s supporting tissues ae also affected by disease.
Symptoms of a gum disease include:

  • Bleeding, redness, or swelling of the gums
  • Pains when chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Presence of deep pockets between your gums and teeth
  • Gums that pull or recede from your teeth.

When you pay a visit to Advanced Family Dental, we will assign a dentist to examine your teeth. He or she will let you know whether you are eligible for a periodontal surgery or not. If you gum disease hasn’t reached an advanced stage, then your dentist will plan a more conserve treatment for you.

Preparing for a periodontal surgery

A Miami Dentist at Advanced Family Dental will put you through what you must do before the surgery. For instance, if you’re currently on medications such as pain relievers, aspirin, and blood thinners, you may be required to stop them taking them a few weeks to the surgery. Drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided at least a day before the procedure.

Your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic prior to the procedure. This will minimize your risk of getting an infection.

It is important that you make arrangements for someone to drive you home after the surgery. A periodontal surgery is carried out under anesthesia. The sedation may also affect your ability to drive home after the procedure. At Advanced Family Dental, we are committed to giving you the best care post-surgery.

A periodontal surgery is performed by a Miami Dentist at Advanced Family Dental. The surgical options varies. We will assign a dentist to you who will examine your condition and determine the most suitable surgical treatment for you.

Options for periodontal surgery include:

  • Flap surgery
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Bone grafting
  • Soft tissue grafts


In most cases, recovery from a periodontal disease depends on the severity of the disease, and your overall health condition. At Advanced Family Dental, we take your comfort seriously. It is our desire to see that your oral heal is fully restored. Our dentists will guide you on your way to full recovery.

It is typical that you may experience some slight bleeding after the surgery, but it goes away within a short period of time. You can resume your normal daily activities 24 hours after the procedure.

Note that smoking cigarette can impede the healing process. Avoid smoking for as long as you can.

Your dentist at Advanced Family Dental might recommend an antibiotic or a special mouth rinse after the surgery.

Your dental health is important. Take good care of it!


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