Laser Treatment

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Laser Treatment

Have you ever heard of laser treatment? Or laser dentistry? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to learn from Advanced Family Dental. Laser dentistry in Miami is a minimally invasive form of dental care when you’re faced with options such as cavity treatment, gum surgery, and other dental issues. You can walk into Advanced Family Dental, Kendall Pointe Plaza Miami, to discuss your laser treatment options with any of our dentists.

An overview of laser treatment

Lasers are equipment used by medical professionals. Lasers are light beams (with extreme focus) used to remove or alter tissues in small amounts. Laser treatment is not applied only in dentistry. Dentists at Advanced family Dental use lasers for many procedures involving the mouth, including reshaping of gums, removal of overgrown tissues, or even teeth whitening. Laser treatment may be used for children who are afraid of dental procedures.

What conditions can be treated with laser dentistry?

Most laser treatments are used for gum conditions. These include:

  • Treatment of root canal infections
  • Treatment of cold sore pain and canker sore
  • Removal of gum inflammation
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Gum reshaping
  • Removal of benign oral tumors
  • Regeneration of damaged nerves
  • Removal of throat issues that causes sleep apnea
  • Biopsies

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Miami dentists at Advanced Family Dental use laser dentistry because of its unique benefits. We understand that laser treatments are smooth, and reduce healing time and discomfort, thus we use it when the situation calls for it. The following are some of the unique benefits of laser treatment done at Advanced Family Dental.

  • You’re less likely to require sutures
  • There’s no need for anesthesia
  • Laser treatment involves loss of less blood compared to conventional surgery
  • The risk of infection is drastically reduce as the laser will sterilize your gums.

What happens during a laser treatment?

When you arrive at Advanced Family Dental for your laser treatment, you’ll discover that the process is similar to your regular dental appointments. You’ll receive very little anesthesia. Patients who are prone to anxiety may be given a sedative.

You’ll not feel any discomfort or vibrations during the procedure. Treatment is fast and painless.

Note that there are two types of lasers used for dental treatments:

  • The hard tissue laser
  • Soft tissue laser

We use both at Advanced Family Dental.


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