Deep Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning

What’s deep cleaning? This phrase sounds like an activity you should do after you’ve eaten a particularly sticky or messy meal. Well, to be exact, deep cleaning is a dental procedure done by your Miami dental hygienist with the aim of treating periodontal and gum disease. You are eligible for deep cleaning if you haven’t had a professional cleaning appointment in six months.

Why do you need deep cleaning?

When you visit Advanced Family Dental, we will assign a dentist to attend to your dental needs. The dentist will measure the region around your teeth with an instrument known as a probe. Measuring the area around your teeth will help your dentist to know whether there’s any pocketing between your gums and tooth. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, all adults are advised to have a periodontal evaluation on a yearly basis to determine whether there’s any need for further treatment. Determining the depth of your pockets is just a part of a thorough dental evaluation.

How is deep cleaning done?

Deep cleaning is also referred to as root planning or scaling. Scaling involves the removal of tartar and plaques from the teeth surface and from the pocket between the gums and the teeth. The Miami dental hygienist at Advanced Family Dental can perform root planning and scaling using ultrasonic or electric instruments. This will make the procedure more effective.

Root planning is the other aspect of deep cleaning. The dental hygienist at Advanced Family Dental will remove tartar and plaques from the surface of your teeth with a scaling instrument. Because we are concerned about your dental health, and are very thorough with our job, the procedure will require at least two visits to our facility. After the procedure, your dentist will arrange a follow-up visit to check on your teeth and gums, and to confirm that they’re getting healthier.

Care after deep cleaning

After the deep cleaning is completed, the bacteria in those deep pockets will be flushed out and your gums will get healthier. You should maintain your oral hygiene by brushing with a recommended toothpaste. Your dentist at Advanced Family Dental will recommend one that is suitable for you.


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