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Professional Cleaning

It is no longer news that many people dread the phrase “teeth cleaning.” Well, you may be thinking of strange noises, the prodding, or occasional discomfort of the jaws. We understand your fears, but the truth is, teeth cleaning at Miami is a painless and very simple process.
You’ll ease yourself a lot of stress by having an adequate knowledge of what happens during a professional dental cleaning at Miami. You’ll also be able to enjoy the results, which are perfect of course!

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  • A physical examination: A dentist at Miami employed by Advanced Family Dental will perform your teeth cleaning in a very professional way. Before he or she begins that actual process of cleaning, they will first of all examine your mouth.

    The dentist at Miami will check your teeth and their surroundings with a small mirror. The aim is to detect any signs of inflamed gums (gingivitis) or any underlying dental disorder.

    If the dentist at Advanced Family Dental detects any serious problems, they’ll correct it.

  • Removal of tartar & plaque: Using a scaler, a dentist at Miami will scrape off the tartar and plaque around your gum line. The same will be done for plaques and tartar lodged in between your teeth. The scraping is audible, but it’s normal. If you’ve got much tartar in there, then the dentist will need more time to scrape it off.

    Flossing and brushing stops the buildup of plaques. It also discourages plaques from hardening into tartar. If the plaque hardens into tartar, it can only be removed at the dentist’s office in Miami.

  • Gritty toothpaste cleaning: After we’ve cleaned the tartar off your teeth, the dentist at Advanced Family Dental will brush your teeth with an electric brush (high-powered). This is a very great way to clean deep into your teeth and take off any remaining tartar that may have escaped from the scaler.

    During professional cleanings at Advanced Family Dental, our dentists use toothpaste that has the taste and smell of your regular toothpaste. You’re at liberty to choose any flavor you like. Note that the toothpaste has a gritty consistency that scrubs your teeth gently. Because the cleaning is done by professionals, you can visit us twice a year for it.

  • Flossing: You may floss regularly at home, but you need an expert session at intervals. At Advanced family Dental, we include an expert flossing session as part of professional cleaning at Miami. Our dental hygienist can floss deep between your dentition and also identify those spots that are prone to bleeding at the gum.

    You should also note that this expert flossing session also helps to remove all leftover plaques or toothpaste from the professional cleaning done earlier.

  • Rinsing: This step of the professional cleaning process involves rinsing out your mouth with a liquid fluoride rinse.
    You should also note that this expert flossing session also helps to remove all leftover plaques or toothpaste from the professional cleaning done earlier.
  • Fluoride treatment: The fluoride treatment is the final phase of the professional cleaning process at Miami. This treatment helps to protect your teeth against cavities.

The dental hygienist at Advanced Family Dental will ask you your favorite flavor. He or she will then place the gel (which has a foamy nature, or in some cases a sticky paste) into a mouthpiece which is then fitted over your teeth. The mouthpiece is allowed to fit onto your teeth for a minute.


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